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John Lennon

I'm spamming, sorry.

So, Britain's Channel 4 is planning on doing a documentary on John Lennon, a documentary in which they intend to give his murderer airtime.

Now, there is one thing about this that you all need to know.

John Lennon was murdered by a man who wanted to be famous. That was his only motivation. He knew that John Lennon was famous, and he hoped that he could himself achieve some of his fame by being his "cause of death". I don't know about you, but I have absolutely no wish to give him any further help.

So, petition, already got 1500-something signatures, please sign, tell your friends, etc.

If this message happens to reach you in Britain, try and avoid watching Channel 4?

And if anybody can get me a list of corporations that advertise on Channel 4, I'd appreciate it tremendously.

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